Automobile Trade Forms

AKL-Palvelu Oy sells documents required in the automobile trade, such as sales contract forms and hire-purchase agreement forms. Both sales contract forms and hire-purchase agreement forms are also available in Swedish and English.

There are also order, sales contract and hire-purchase agreement forms suited for heavy-duty vehicles such as commercial and special vehicles, which have contract terms that differ significantly from those of consumer contracts. Other important documents related to the automobile trade include, for example, a purchase contract for a used motor vehicle, a VAT declaration form, and a price declaration for the taxable benefit from the use of a company-owned car.

AKL-Palvelu Oy also offers paper forms equipped with the customer’s logo.

Electronic Automobile Trade Forms

AKL-Palvelu Oy has agreed on the production of electronic forms with the following software companies: ADP Dealer Services Oy, Alkali Oy, Autosolution Oy,  Delfin Systems Oy, ISQSec Oy, Käyttösofta Oy, Solteq Oyj, DL Software, Laihia Data Oy, Netwheels Oy and FuturSoft Oy. For more information on the production of electronic forms, contact the software companies directly.

Electronic forms are also available for downloading on our website. To enter our form service, you first need to order a company-specific password. 

Contact: Tia Laudien tel. +358-50-320 7467,


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