Associated Companies

AKL-Palvelu Oy

AKL’s wholly owned subsidiary

  • produces and sells automotive industry forms and other printed matter
  • By marketing name AKL-Akatemia AKL-Palvelu Oy organizes industry training events and seminars, especially for automotive retail businesses 
  • sells AKL Development Programmes: AKL Quality Programmes, AKL Environmental Programmes, AKL Personnel Programme, AKL Action Programme, AKL Management Programme, AKL VAT Programme and Energy Efficiency Action Programme

AKL-Sertifiointi Oy

In 2011, AKL founded AKL-Sertifiointi, which offers cost-effective certification and auditing services to member companies in accordance with internationally recognized ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Autotieto Oy / Suomen Autolehti magazine

AKL and the Association of Automotive Technical Societies in Finland together own Autotieto Oy, the publisher of the magazine Suomen Autolehti. The magazine, which focuses on technical and economic issues, is delivered free of charge to all members of AKL.

Finnish Information Centre of Automobile Sector (AUT)

The Finnish Information Centre of Automobile Sector (AUT) aims to promote positive attitudes towards road transport, automobile trade, as well as the car repair and inspection industries. Founded in 1974, AUT is owned by AKL and the Association of Automobile Importers in Finland.

Communications in the automotive industry are based on expertise and the presentation of facts.


  • distributes information on industry developments
  • organizes meetings and events
  • participates actively in public discussions relevant to the automotive industry

The primary customers of AUT are the media and public stakeholders. In addition to journalists, researchers, political decision makers, the authorities, organizations and businesses, AUT provides information on the automotive industry to private citizens.

Netwheels Oy

Netwheels Oy provides online and print solutions to the Finnish automobile trade and related businesses across Finland. Netwheels manages the commercial automotive industry database and develops online services and solutions for automobile dealers and automotive industry partners.

Tieliikenteen Tietokeskus TT Oy

AKL and the Association of Automobile Importers in Finland founded Tieliikenteen Tietokeskus Oy in 1995. Tieliikenteen Tietokeskus Oy aims to provide objective information on road transport and its stakeholders. Tieliikenteen Tietokeskus Oy promotes research in the field and maintains a capability to carry out research and studies. In addition, it participates in the working groups of different stakeholders and authorities.

Tieliikenteen Tietokeskus Oy also prepares commissioned industry studies and reports.

AKL-Akatemia tarjoaa koulutusta ja valmennusta
AKL-Akatemian palveluista löydät oikeat koulutukset ja valmennukset kaupan johdolle, myynnille kuin jälkimarkkinoinnillekin.
Tutustu koulutuksiin!
AKL-Sertifiointi Oy tuntee autoalan erityispiirteet ja prosessit
AKL-Sertifiointi Oy on FINASin akkreditoima yritys, jonka myöntämät sertifioinnit täyttävät kansainväliset standardit.
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