Benefits of AKL membership


  • offers telephone assistance on employee relations and other business-related issues
  • promotes the interests of the industry, and cooperates with the authorities, industry and employers’ organizations by presenting initiatives and issuing statements on industry matters in order to develop the automotive industry and road transport
  • contributes to the development of legislation governing the automotive industry and the economy in general
  • negotiates and concludes collective labour agreements and other agreements for the benefit of its members
  • aims to establish and maintain good relations between businesses and their employees, and between different organizations representing these parties
  • works to establish reasonable terms of employment in the industry, to settle disputes between employers and employees through arbitration, and to support its member companies facing or going through industrial action
  • provides its members with information on legislation, government regulations and actions, and general and international issues related to the automotive industry; and guides and advises its members on matters related to entrepreneurship and employment terms, as well as the application of industry agreements
  • organizes meetings, information, training and negotiation events, as well as courses and exhibitions
  • follows developments in the industry and employment conditions in both Finland and abroad, and conducts industry-related research
  • maintains relations with the authorities in order to ensure the availability of skilled workforce in the industry, and promotes the further development of professional skills in the industry
  • publishes industry-related materials

Member Services

AKL provides various services to its members both directly and through its associated companies and partners.

AKL-Akatemia provides further training for hundreds of professionals in the automotive industry each year. The company sells all automobile trade forms. In addition, it offers a variety of AKL Development Programmes to support successful business operations. AKL-Sertifiointi Oy offers audit and certification services and it is qualified for automobile branch by Finas (S044).

AKL-Akatemia tarjoaa koulutusta ja valmennusta
AKL-Akatemian palveluista löydät oikeat koulutukset ja valmennukset kaupan johdolle, myynnille kuin jälkimarkkinoinnillekin.
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AKL-Sertifiointi Oy tuntee autoalan erityispiirteet ja prosessit
AKL-Sertifiointi Oy on FINASin akkreditoima yritys, jonka myöntämät sertifioinnit täyttävät kansainväliset standardit.
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