Working in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry employs about 27,140  people (2015). There is a continuous demand for skilled and motivated people in the industry. The automotive industry offers good education and training opportunities for individuals considering a career or already working in in the industry.

The automotive industry offers a broad range of technical and business-oriented jobs, as well as jobs with different authorities and the public sector in general.


Upper secondary level vocational institutions

Study places in the automotive industry


First-year students at universities of applied sciences


Employment in adjacent businesses

  • Service stations
  • Automobile repair shops
  • Traffic contractors
  • Public-sector vehicle repair shops


Students dropping out (about 10%)


People starting a job in the automotive industry


People retiring from the automotive industry annually (about)



Vocational Education

The automotive industry differs from many other industries due to its education system. As a result of the rapid technological development of automobiles, each professional in the automotive industry goes through some kind of further or extension training each year, usually arranged by the importer of the car make represented by the company employing the person. Having earned a vocational qualification, you can earn automotive vocational and specialist qualifications through the Automotive Qualification Programme (APO) after a few years of practical work experience. The programme allows you to continuously develop your competence, become a true professional and pursue a broad range of career paths in accordance with your personal goals, in cooperation with your employer and training providers. The programme is based on lifelong learning, where the highest, fourth level, represents the business management level, for which you can earn qualifications through the programme.

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Further Education

Automotive Qualification Programme (APO)

AKL provides further education in the automotive industry. The Automotive Qualification Programme (APO) is coordinated by RastorCollege, which also administers the training and participates in the development and marketing of the system in cooperation with the programme’s management team.

A special development team consisting of RastorCollege, AEL and Työtehoseuran Aikuiskoulutuskeskus have collaborated extensively in the development of the programme.


  • enables employees to earn a qualification for their job
  • enables employees to advance in their career into more demanding positions
  • is based on the national system of education and competence-based qualifications
  • is open to all financing alternatives offered by society
  • is a highly motivating programme (training is agreed between employer and employee)
  • supports lifelong learning

JOKO – Automotive Industry Management Programme

APO IV was developed in 2004 together with HSE Executive Education Oy (later Aalto University Executive Education Oy). Practical training started in the spring of 2005. Structural changes, consolidation and legislative changes are reshaping the operating environment and competitive landscape of the automotive industry. The winners will be those who have strategic insight on future competitive advantages, and the ability to implement strategies. Changes in the operating environment must be responded to by developing and managing processes and competences in an agile manner.

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AKL/Managing Director Pekka Rissa, tel. +358 500 417 300, pekka.rissa(a)

Technical Manager Jouko Sohlberg, tel. +358 400 904 003, jouko.sohlberg(a)

Development Director Jari Ketola, tel. +358 400 490 049, jari.ketola(a)


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