International Activities

AKL maintains close relationships with its sister organizations in Norway, Sweden and Denmark through, for example, meetings between heads of organizations, car painting meetings, occupational health and safety meetings, and employer meetings.

AKL is a member of the European Council for Motor Trades and Repairs – CECRA, which represents the interests of the motor trade and repair businesses. Through CECRA, AKL representatives are actively promoting the interests of its members also at the European level.

In January 2016 AKL joined the Brussels-based lobbying initiative of Finnish Transport and Logistics (SKAL). This lobbying body for road transport and business now represents a total of eight organisations covering practically the entire road traffic sector in Finland.

The main benefit of European Union co-operation is earlier awareness of upcoming statutory proposals affecting the traffic sector, and the ability to lobby for equal opportunities for industry stakeholders to act in the market. The lobbying service provides access to information and reports on statutes that particularly affect the automobile industry, such as the Block Exemption Regulation and provisions and Directives supporting the growth of digitalisation.

It is vital for domestic advocacy organisations to seek early influence over the contents of Community Directives and Regulations. A wide range of special features characterise Finland and Finnish trading by comparison with Central and Southern Europe, such as thermal conditions and having Europe’s oldest vehicle stock.

Norges Bilbransjeforbund – NBF

Motorbranschens Riksförbund – MRF

Danmarks Automobilforhandler Forening – DAF




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