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Industrial Policy Lobbying

The goal of AKL’s industrial policy lobbying is to create a favourable operating environment for road transport and our member companies. AKL cooperates with different authorities and political decision makers; drafts initiatives and reports for decision makers; and participates in the preparation and drafting of public decisions at various levels. AKL carries out advocacy in cooperation with different stakeholders, such as road transport organizations and the finance and insurance industry.

Labour Market Lobbying

In labour market lobbying, AKL negotiates and concludes collective labour agreements for the automotive industry, as well as other agreements with trade unions representing workers and salaried employees. Collective labour agreements form the foundation of AKL’s other labour market activities, which include counsel and training for member companies on employment contracts and their terms, within the scope of collective labour agreements and labour legislation, as well as handling and arbitrating disputes – in Labour Court, if necessary.

AKL negotiates and concludes the Collective Agreement for Motor Trades and Repairs together with the Finnish Metalworkers’ Union and the Collective Agreement for Salaried Employees in the Car Industry together with Trade Union Pro.

In labour market lobbying, AKL collaborates directly with the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK.

Labour Market and Education Policy Lobbying

The objective of AKL’s labour market and education policy lobbying is to ensure the availability of sufficient skilled workforce in the industry.

For this purpose, AKL has set up the autoala.fi website aimed at young people. In addition, AKL collaborates with educational institutions that provide youth and adult education.

Issues related to vocational education are handled in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the Finnish National Board of Education, for example, by developing vocational qualifications.

As an industry training programme, the Automotive Qualification Programme (APO) has established itself as a unique further education system that offers, in cooperation with different educational institutions, a broad range of development paths enabling continuous development of professional skills or even transfer into a new profession within the industry.

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